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Snap hooks

Roundsling suspensions

Our team

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Rope accessories

Bundle suspensions

Web sling suspensions

Construction suspensions

System suspensions

Eye slings

Profile hoses

Edge protection

DoMega Heavy load roundslings

Lashing straps 50 mm

Special hooks


One leg

Lashing straps

Cambuckle tiedowns

Lashing chains

Lashing wire ropes

DoKEP Nets

Lashing winches

Anti-slip mats

Edge protection

Load securing inside

Lashing points


One-way load securing

Pretension force indicator



Tarpaulin lashing straps / Furniture lifting belt

Training materials

Chain slings grade 80

DoKettPlus Accessories grade 100



Ring nuts / Eye bolts

Wire rope sheaves

Wire rope blocks

Open wedge sockets

Wedge type socket

Cable socks

Steel wire ropes DIN EN 12385

Special wire ropes

Winch ropes for forrest application

Architecture ropes made from stainless steel




Coated steel wire ropes

Black ropes

Abraision protection

Lashing straps 35 mm

Lashing straps 25 mm

Lashing straps 75 mm

Lashing straps 100 mm

Cargo tracks

Cargo bars

Telescope clamping bars

Clamping bars

Airline tracks

Fill-up bags

Edge protection

Lashing strap "DoPremium"

Lashing strap with long lever ratchet "DoMulti"

Stainless steel wire rope slings

Accessories for personal protective equipment


Retractable lifelines on mobile leads

Mitlaufende Auffanggeräte

Shock absorber

Accessories for tie downs

Gas container securing

Lashing straps with standard ratchet

Heavy duty load securing "PowerLash"


Rope suspension two legs

Three legs

Four legs

Stainless steel accessories

Swage terminals

Fork terminals

Terminal tensioners

Thread terminals

Dome head terminals

Countersunk head terminals

Screws and nuts

Clevis hooks grade 80

Master links grade 80

Shortening hooks grade 80

Swivel hooks grade 80

Eye hooks grade 100

Swivel hooks grade 100

Clevis hooks grade 100

Shortener grade 100

Master links grade 100

Components for chain accessories grade 80

Components for chain accessories

Special hooks grade 80

Container hooks

Screw-on / weld-on hooks

Shackles for chains, grade 80

1-leg without shortening hook

1-leg grade 100

Fibre rope slings ready made

Fibre ropes, braided, yard goods

Accessories for fine ropes

Rigging accessories

Security Nets

Side protection nets


Wire rope fastener

Our team


DoKettPlus lifting chains

Sling swivels grade 80

Sling swivels grade 100

Sling swivels made of stainless steel



Product information



Dolezych Black Series

Green Pin ® shackles

Spanngurte / Zurrgurte "DoRobust"

Product overview


Current news

Web slings

1-leg with shortening hook

Stirrup slings

Two legs

Adapter slings

Chain slings grade 100

Lifting beams

2-legs grade 100

DoKettPlus Lifting chain 1-leg grade 100 with shortening claw

Round slings

Customer News

Endless web slings

Wire rope sling with fibre core

Lifting clamps

Three legs

2-legs without shortening hook

3-legs grade 100

DoKettPlus Grade 100

Sling suspensions

2-legs with shortening hook

Lifting sling mats

Wire rope sling with steel core

Components grade 80


Four legs

4-legs grade 100

DoKettPlus Lifting chains 2-leg grade 100 with shortening claw

Load securing

Flemish eye

DoComfort components


Webslings with DoLex-permanent coating

3-legs without shortening hook

DoKettPlus 3-leg grade 100

Dolex edge protection


3-leg with shortening hook

Spliced wire rope slings

Knotted chains

Beam clamps

DoKettPlus Lifting chains 3-leg grade 100 with shortening claw

Personal Protective Equipment

Wire mesh slings


Choker-, hook, endless chains

Lifting forks

4-legs without shortening hook

DoKettPlus 4-leg grade 100


4-leg with shortening hook

Wire rope Suspensions


DoKettPlus Lifting chains 4-leg grade 100 with shortening claw

Wire rope slings

Forklift truck transports

Plastic chains

Crane ropes

Barrel transport

1-leg grade 100

Fine steel wire ropes

Lifting magnets

Rope accessories

Heavy load roller trolleys

Stainless steel ropes

Hydraulic lift

Fibre ropes

Hand pallet trucks

Chains and accessories

Electric chain hoists

Lifting points

Pneumatic hoists

Lifting appliances

Informational material


Crane scales


C-hooks / Coil hooks

Steel winch

Vacuum lifter

Pipe transport

Wire rope hoists

Working platform